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Some Lagos occupants in the Eti-Osa Neighborhood Government Region (LGA) who were given destruction notice over the arranged development of the Lagos-Calabar beach front roadway have begged President Bola Tinubu to mediate and stop the “unlawful and outlandish” work out.

In a letter to the president endorsed for their benefit by Jiti Ogunye, a public interest legal counselor, the land owners blamed the Pastor for Works, David Umahi, of maltreatment of force and “unlawful activity of clerical circumspection.”

The land owners begged President Bola Tinubu to intercede and guide the priest to leave the new arrangement for the roadway at Lafiaji, Eti Osa LGA and return to the first lengthy laid out option to proceed.
The roadway has produced a ton of debate. Likewise impacted is Milestone, a personal business that sits along the Atlantic Sea ocean front in Lagos’ wealthy Victoria Island region.
Open letter
The open letter is named, ‘Contortion in the development of the Lagos-Calabar Seaside roadway by erratic deviation from the long-laid out option to proceed by the Clergyman of Works and the Bureaucratic Regulator of Works, and the compromised unlawful destruction of property of proprietors and occupants at Lafiaji people group, Eti-Osa Nearby Government Region, Lagos State – supplication for official mediation.’
Mr Ogunye noticed that acting at the command of the bureaucratic service of works, the Lagos State Government had denoted a few properties in the Lafiaji people group for expulsion and destruction.

“Our clients incorporate Teacher Oluropo Sekoni, Dr. Kola Akinleye, Mr. Bonojo Olalekan and Mr. Festus Ogwu and numerous other people who are very much regarded, decent senior residents in this country.

“Our clients are obliged to think of you this open letter as a frantic move toward secure help and save their homes and property from a looming unlawful and ridiculous destruction,” the legal counselor said in the open letter.

How the grounds were bought
In the securing of their plots of land and improvement of their particular homes and properties, Mr Ogunye noticed that his clients got essential assents of the state government

“to their deeds of tasks, had their separate overview plans slashed from the endorsed Ojomu Family Format Plan, and acquired all the fundamental structure endorsements and advancement grants from the applicable organizations of the Lagos State Government.

“Our clients, numbering north of eighty (80) people, separately bought and came into ownership of their particular landed property at different times quite a while back. They all have a typical ancestor in title in the Ojomu Chieftaincy Group of Ajiran-Land in Lagos State.

“The title of their ancestor in title, before it was gone to our clients, was affirmed by a Judgment of the Great Courtroom of Western Nigeria, followed through on the twelfth day of December 1960 in Suit No. I/302/55 (Oba Onibeju and Ors. Versus Salumonu Oyebola and Ors.), a judgment that was confirmed by the High Court of Nigeria on the 25th day of January 1965 in Suit No. FSC/268/1963.

“After the development of the Terrains Use Act, 1978, the said title was additionally confirmed by a Judgment of the Great Court of Lagos State in Suit No. ID/1883/89 (Alhaji Fatai Ajetumobi and Ors versus Head legal officer of Lagos State.

Which was followed through on eighteenth day of October 1991, and which announced that the Ojomu Chieftaincy Family was the holder of the standard right of inhabitance over the said land.

Ultimately, the Lagos State Government, by an Authority Newspaper No. 15. Vol. 37, 2004, dated seventh day of April 2004, took on the said judgment, and extracted from obligatory worldwide obtaining the whole Lafiaji Town, an extraction of which our clients’ separate landed property shapes a section, down the line.”

Mr Ogunye guaranteed that extra time, a few landowners based on the expressed option to proceed and “developed immense homes mismatching same in the deception that the Lagos-Calabar Waterfront

Thruway could never be worked, with no legitimate lawful title to the land on which they constructed; or with government authorities helped created declarations of inhabitance with embellished overview designs (the region directions of which really are that of terrains nearby and general to the Option to proceed, however which are made look like that of a land arranged inside or covering the Option to proceed, to get endorsements of inhabitance).

“These people likewise either didn’t get substantial structure endorsements and advancement licenses from the pertinent offices of the Lagos State Government or were helped by degenerate authorities of government to get doctored records.”

The inhabitants blamed the pastor for straying from the first option to proceed “by explicitly coordinating assessors of the Central Legislature of Nigeria (Service of Deals with)

The task to lay out a new option to proceed, make another arrangement and modify the street direction into the region where their plots of terrains and houses were arranged, a region which was not covered by the long-laid out option to proceed.

“From accessible data, the new arrangement being directed by the Priest of Works and Government Regulator of Works has not been absorbed by the Workplace of the Assessor General of Lagos State and the Terrains Department, yet inquisitively.

The Workplace of Improvement Matters, Lagos State Service of Actual Preparation and Metropolitan Advancement has served our clients

‘Expulsion Notice on Actual Advancement Inside the Option to proceed (Column) of the Proposed ,Lagos-Calabar Seaside Parkway Task in Lagos State, dated tenth of May 2024, requesting that inside seven (7) days of being served the notification.

Our clients ought to eliminate their structures from the new, randomly settled Option to proceed, and present any reports of their landed property to the Long-lasting Secretary, Grounds Agency of Lagos State, Alausa, Lagos State for pay purposes,” Mr Ogunye said.

One of the bequests based on the option to proceed incorporates Sea Inlet, the inhabitants guaranteed.

Mr Ogunye said that his clients were in absolute help of the development of the thruway however they couldn’t comprehend the reason why their

“legitimate privileges and interests should be forfeited to satisfy violators of the long-laid out Option to proceed, whose wrongfully built property (houses) can be destroyed and eliminated with no pay at all, and with avocation.

“For what reason are our clients – decent residents – being compensated with persecution, while violators, who intentionally and egotistically based on the long-laid out Option to proceed are being treated with worship?” Mr Ogunye inquired.

Reached for a reaction on Sunday at various times, Mr Umahi’s realized telephone line was occupied. An instant message was likewise shipped off a similar telephone line.

In any case, as of the hour of recording this report, the clergyman still couldn’t seem to answer.

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