Is terrorist Dogo Gide dead? What we know about his role in Kuriga abduction

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Is psychological oppressor Dogo Gide dead? What we are familiar his part in Kuriga snatching
Dogo Gide, a horrible dread boss supposedly associated with the new kidnapping of 137 understudies from grade schools in Kaduna State, has been accounted for dead after a gunfight with military agents.

However, the report has made an environment of vulnerability among the military, counter-uprising specialists, insight sources and local people near the famous fear monger, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

It was accounted for that the soldiers of Activity Hadarin Daji (OPHD) injured Mr Gide in Madada woodland in Maru Neighborhood Government Area of Zamfara State on 12 Walk, five days after the 137 understudies were grabbed at a compound common by an essential and an optional school in
As per reports, the dread boss was subsequently taken to a clinic in Sokoto where he ultimately died.Woke up to the uplifting news that Dogo Gide, has at last died,” a previous official representative, Bashir Ahmed, posted on X [formery Twitter]. “The infamous scoundrels’ chief kicked the bucket from shot injuries supported during a showdown with Activity Hadarin Daji (OPHD) powers.”

Imran Muhammed, a well known X client with in excess of 124,000 supporters likewise shared the news on his handle.

“Regardless of experiencing serious wounds, Dogo Gide was said to have been secretly taken to a medical clinic in Mabera, Sokoto, Sokoto State, where he ultimately died,” Mr Muhammed posted, guaranteeing a security official who supported the dread top dog to the medical clinic has been kept.

In any case, that was not the initial time Mr Gide would be accounted for dead.

In 2021, he was reputed killed by his lieutenant, Sani Makama. Be that as it may, examiners would later depict the occasion as military misleading publicity.

Is it safe to say that he is dead?
After the infamous dread head honcho was supposedly killed, an image of an individual with little similarity to him was shared via virtual entertainment to prove the report, as seen here, here and here.

Utilizing Google Focal point, PREMIUM TIMES reality checked the picture and found it was phony and deluding.

A Kaduna-based Facebook client, Abdallah Habeeb, recognized the individual in the image as Dan Asabe. As per him, the departed who hailed from a local area in Kaduna State, passed on about fourteen days prior in Lagos.Dan Allah, before we spread out a news ensure we confirmed it, I have been seeing this image becoming a web sensation that he is DOGO GIDE, I believe everybody should dismiss the news, this isn’t DOGO GIDE, he is Dan Asabe known as Sabebe,” Mr Habeeb posted on Facebook.He is from Tudun Nupawa here in Kaduna,” he proceeded. “He was into scrap business in Lagos and he was a previous football player of Lambu Joined together… He had a mishap at Seme Line very nearly fourteen days prior.”

Notwithstanding, the report about Mr Gide’s demise stays questionable, as per interviews with various sources including the military, counter-uprising specialists, knowledge sources and local people acquainted with his fear exercises in Zamfara, Kebbi and Niger states.

A knowledge source checking fear reigns in Dansadau, Maru LGA of Zamfara State where Mr Gide and his pack have laid out camps, particularly inside Babandoka, Dan Gurgu and Kuyambana backwoods, said the dread head boss kicked the bucket last Thursday, two weeks after a weapon duel with military agents following the abductors of the Kuriga understudies.

“Dogo Gide supported shot wounds during his experience with the warriors,” the source who asked not be named for the sake of security told PREMIUM TIMES, adding the agents additionally killed a portion of the top dog’s fighters.The knowledge source said his neighborhood contacts who saw the occurrence let him know the dread boss was taken on a bike to Kizara town for clinical treatment.But they let us know he passed on last Thursday night and we have informed the security powers like the police, armed force and DSS,” he made sense of, adding he was shocked to see one more mutilated story zooming close to seven days later.

“That he passed on in a medical clinic in Sokoto as individuals guaranteed is a major untruth,” he underlined. “Dogo Gide passed on in Zamfara.”

Be that as it may, he was unable to give proof to help his case.

Local people near Mr Gide in Kebbi and Zamafara, notwithstanding, gave an alternate record of what occurred, in spite of the fact that they too said he supported gunfire wounds following a conflict with the tactical agents a couple of hours after the Kuriga understudies were grabbed.

PREMIUM TIMES accumulated that the gathering liable for the Kuriga snatching were nearly overwhelmed by the military. They, notwithstanding, called Mr Gide for fortifications.

“It was during the fortifications that he supported the wounds and lost a portion of his young men,” a neighborhood acquainted with the episode told this paper, arguing for secrecy inspired by a paranoid fear of being designated by the top dog.

Yet, another source who is near Mr Gide and had, on a few events, interceded among him and groups of kidnapped people, demanded that Mr Gide is alive.

Be that as it may, others are as yet finding it hard to learn the state of Mr Gide, including the military.

At the point when reached, the Data Official for Activity Hadarin Daji in Zamfara, Suleiman Omale, a military lieutenant, told this paper the military was all the while attempting to confirm the report.

He said the consequence of “our discoveries” will be imparted to the public.A counterinsurgency master, Yahuza Getso, who screens Mr Gide’s rule of fear and different top dogs, shares a comparative view.

Mr Getso who is likewise the Overseeing Head of Bird Coordinated Security and Planned operations Organization Ltd in Abuja, said the report despite the fact that “can’t be affirmed right now, the image used to prove Mr Gide’s reputed passing is bogus.”

Mr Gide, the security master notices, will “certainly kick the bucket” normally, by military hostile or defiance as he did to his chief, Buhari Daji, in 2018 preceding ascending to reputation.

“A few months prior, Dogo Gide supported wounds and escaped the country to treat himself,” Mr Getso told PREMIUM TIMES, declining to unveil the country the dread boss got away to.

In January, PREMIUM TIMES detailed how Mr Gide’s camp was destroyed after a savage fight between his gathering and the Ansaru psychological oppressor cell in Zamfara.Mr Gide, upon entering the world, was named Abubakar Abdullahi. Local people in the hinterlands of Shiroro Neighborhood Government Area of Niger State said he was brought into the world in Palali, a town close to Chukuba where his gathering professed to have gunned down a tactical airplane last year.

The fear top dog, as per insight sources and specialists, has affiliations with jihadist bunches like Ansaru and Islamic State West African Region (ISWAP).

Mr Gide was answerable for some assaults in North-west and North-focal Nigeria.

He was one of the associated brains with the 28 Walk 2022 assault on a Kaduna-bound train.

In July 2021, the fear head honcho and his partner, Kachalla Ali otherwise called Ali Kawaje, grabbed north of 100 understudies and eight educators from the Central Government School (FGC) in Birnin Yauri, Kebbi State. The hijacked casualties were subsequently delivered in clusters after installment of payoff.

The next year, they hijacked three Chinese ostracizes and afterward two safety officers and one more Chinese public at a building site of the Zungeru Hydro-electric Power Dam project in Shiroro LGA. In spite of the fact that it was not satisfactory how two of the ostracizes recovered opportunity, one of them was subsequently let out of Mr Gide’s camp.
An antiquarian who has concentrated on the example of banditry in northern Nigeria, Murtala Ahmed-Rufai, noted in his book named ‘I’m a Desperado’ that Mr Gide has the cash and associations with secure huge weapons.

“Every one of these gatherings (Gide and others) currently possesses in excess of 500 AK 47 or AK 49 firearms. A portion of the packs like that of Gide, Mai Anguwa and Turji additionally have more modern weapons like RPGGS and hostile to airplane firearms,” Mr Ahmed-Rufai composed.

“Dogo Gide later fashioned a partnership with Boko Haram in the last quarter of 2019. Subsequently, from his base in the timberland of Wawa in Niger State, Gide was selecting individuals for this gathering and guaranteeing the gathering has 104 fortifications in Zamfara State,” Mr Ahmed-Rufai who educates at the Branch of History, Usmanu Danfodiyo College, Sokoto, proceeded.

Mr Gide’s rule of fear has left scars on numerous families who have lost friends and family and assets to his merciless exercises across numerous networks in Niger, Zamafara, Kebbi and Kaduna states.

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