Breaking News: Leave as NLC President to challenge LP chairmanship

By Hammed Hammed From Osun

In the midst of continuous administration tussle in the Work Party (LP), the party’s Public Working Advisory Group has blamed the Public President for Nigeria Work Congress, Joe Ajaero, of frantically looking to supplant its Public Executive, Julius Abure.

The LP made the allegation in a proclamation given by its Public Exposure Secretary, Obiora Ifoh, on Saturday.

The assertion was because of an open letter named: “A misfortune in political wickedness, fumble, and misdeed gone excessively far” composed on Friday by the political wing of the NLC—the Nigeria Work Congress Political Commission.

The commission, in the letter mutually endorsed by its Director and Secretary of the commission, Titus Amba and Chris Uyot, claimed that Mr. Abure and the NWC were proposing a ‘secret’ public show in Umuahia, the Abia State capital, on 27 Walk that will reappoint the public executive (Abure) to keep running the (LP) as a ‘sole head.’

The commission additionally claimed that the round was passed without the contribution of partners, particularly the NLC, adding that Mr Abure had in April last year attempted to expand his residency in office by two years singularly yet was halted at the example of the party’s official applicant, Peter Obi, who demanded that the correct thing be finished.

In its explanation on Saturday, the LP said the NLC letter didn’t come to them as an amazement or a shock, taking note of that it was for some time expected, having realized that the NLC planned to connect with itself in what they depicted as “misfortune.”

“Tragically, the villainy of the ongoing leader of the NLC, Joe Ajero, has annihilated the victories previously recorded. It should be noticed that the NLC and its political bonus have turned into a heap of logical inconsistency and Catch 22,” Mr Ifoh said.

He made sense of that it should be noticed that excessive obstruction by the NLC on the undertakings of the party has become troubling and that it has become needful to underscore the qualification that the LP has an unmistakable overflow of energy unique in relation to that of the Congress.

“Truth be told, the 1999 Constitution states plainly that once an ideological group is enrolled, it has a unique kind of energy through which it can run its own undertakings with practically no impedance,” the assertion said.

Mr. Obiora said the LP will be proceeding with its program and that the show will be held as planned.

“We have talked with our partners, and the conference is continuous, and we will keep on counseling until Walk 27, when the new initiative of the party will arise. We have exhorted the NLC before now that party legislative issues are played at the Ward level and not at the public level,” the assertion said.

It said: “Assuming NLC is keen on taking over the administration of the party, they ought to proceed to participate in the mass activation of its individuals to join the party at the grass-roots.”

Before now, the LP had been overwhelmed in an initiative emergency, with a group driven by Lamidi Apapa making a case for the chairmanship of the party.

The Court of Allure had on June 6 affirmed Mr. Abure as the party’s executive.

Peruse the full assertion of the LP beneath:

The consideration of the authority of the Work Party has been attracted to a public statement named ‘A misfortune in political wickedness, botch, and crime gone excessively far’ composed by the NLC’s Political Bonus as a specialist of the Nigeria Work Congress.

The NLC letter didn’t come to us as an amazement or a shock, it was for quite some time expected before now, having realized that the NLC planned to connect with itself in this misfortune.

Nigerians will review that in 2014, NLC has been engaged in a conflict of coercion and whittling down against the Work Party and its administration.

It was as of late, following the common and conciliatory methodology embraced by Lawyer Julius Abure, when he expected administration that he had the option to get the then Leader of the NLC, Ayuba Waba, and the then Leader of the Worker’s Guild Congress, Olaleye Quadri, to a ceasefire where the NLC, TUC, and Work Party consented to cooperate as one.

Tragically, the villainy of the ongoing leader of the NLC, Joe Ajero, has annihilated the triumphs previously recorded. It should be noticed that the NLC and its political bonus have turned into a heap of inconsistency and confusion.

The Nigeria Work Congress has composed a few letters to the Free Public Electing Commission, INEC, and to the party on the need to direct a public show.

Truth be told, the NLC has questioned even the reasoning behind the one-year expansion, which was charitably allowed by the NEC in its meeting in Asaba, which is in accordance with the party constitution.

The administration of the party, in its insight, has chosen to respect their tumult for a conference of a public show.

Article 14:4b of our party constitution commands the Public Secretary in counsel with the Public Executive to give notification of gatherings of the Public Show, NEC, and NWC, among others. It is in the activity of this power that the public director and public secretary have required the show following the choice of the public leader committee of the party.

It is hence unexpected for a similar NLC, which has been disturbing for a show, to now be requesting the reasoning for requiring a show.

Right now, the initiative of the party needs to ask the NLC, what precisely do they need? On the off chance that Joe Ajero is keen on the authority of the party, he is in this way educated to leave as the President regarding the NLC and participate in the challenge for the Public Chairmanship of the party that is planned for the show on the 27th of March, 2024.

We should take note of that unjustifiable obstruction by the Nigeria Work Congress on the issues of the party has become troubling, and it has become needful to underline here the qualification that the Work Party has an unmistakable overflow of energy not quite the same as that of the Nigeria Work Congress.

As a matter of fact, the 1999 Constitution states obviously that once an ideological group is enlisted, it has an unmistakable overflow of energy by which it can run its own undertakings with practically no impedance.

The Electing Act and the Constitution say that no association can claim some other association. The NLC as an association might not guarantee the responsibility for work at any point in time.

The constitution of the party is evident that the main people buy into the party and the people who are monetary individuals from the party who are the proprietors of the party and in this way can have a say on the illicit relationships of the party.

The impedance of the current administration of the NLC to the party is truly stifling, and we can scarcely relax. It is this NLC initiative that constrained the party not to give His Excellency, Alex Otti the governorship ticket for the 2023 general political race on the ground that he was purportedly not specialists’ well disposed when he was a CEO of a bank. However, today, that equivalent Alex Otti is doing the Work Party glad with the work he is doing in Abia state.

Once more, a similar NLC endeavored to persuade the initiative of the party to transfer an alternate competitor other than Representative Athan Achonu after he won the Imo State Party primaries under the Work Party.

It will stun Nigerians to realize that individuals and authorities in the NLC are not even card-conveying individuals from the Work Party. All around the country, NLC individuals have been viewed as supporting either the APC or the PDP.

It is again of significance to make specific explanations concerning the supposed decisions that were alluded to by the NLC, we should demonstrate plainly that the Work Party isn’t in default of any court judgment at all.

The understanding came to us by the NLC to require a show is the thing we are following, we have completely carried out that understanding, and the show is in accordance with the arrangement. We are accordingly not in that frame of mind of court judgment as mistakenly suggested by the NLC.

We thusly need to prompt the NLC and its bonus that it ought to zero in just on its legal obligations of protecting the laborers and the specialists’ freedoms.

Today the lowest pay permitted by law is N30.000 while a pack of rice is N80.000. We catch wind of NLC discussing the ethos and morals of the work development and the work party; this is likewise a NLC that can’t call or support a strike for a couple of days without canceling it.

This is a NLC that can’t imagine calling a dissent and supporting it to definitely stand out enough to be noticed by the public authority for the interest of the specialists.

The present NLC ought to find an opportunity to stand by listening to the assessment Nigerians have made about them. Could the NLC of today in any capacity at any point be contrasted with the NLC of the then Hassan Sumounu, Adams Oshiohmole, and a couple of others previously?

We should right now value the Worker’s Organization Congress, TUC, and its Political Bonus under the initiative of Friend Festus Osifo, who forcefully refused to sign the Public Statement with the NLC on the ground that it was ridiculous, paltry, unreasonable, and a proof of force thirst, which to them was excessive as of now considering the triumphs previously accomplished at the Work Party.

We similarly need to encourage Joe Ajero to copy the administration of Ayuba Waba, Olaleye Quadri, and Osifo in working intimately with the party.

The poorly planned Official Statement by the Political Commission likewise made a reference to misleading claims made by the suspended public financier, Oluchi Opara, and it endeavored to give it some belief. This obviously uncovered the underhandedness of the NLC to trick individuals.

We have expressed plainly that the absolute cash got by the party was N1.3 billion, and no other report has gone against it. So for the NLC to cite fake claims demonstrates that they are important for the difficulties the Work Party has been confronting.

We are stunned that NLC, which was a survivor of a new badgering, danger to life, and abuse of its leader, would communicate shock over comparable treatment dispensed to our executive, lawyer Julius Abure, who was mistreated for political reasons .


Obiora Ifoh
National Publicity Secretary
Labour Party

By Hamsina

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