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By Hammed Hammed From Osun

Specialists of the Maiduguri Zonal Request of the Money related and Financial Infringement Commission, EFCC, on Tuesday, 5 Walk 2024, caught 21 trucks stacked with food and non-food things heading towards N’djamena, Chad Republic, Central African Republic and Cameroon.

The trucks were caught in a sting movement at huge leave courses along Kalabiri/Gamboru Ngala and Bama roads, Borno State. Assessment showed food things acutely masked in the trucks that would have gone undetected, but for the very attentive watchfulness of specialists of the Commission.

Further checks showed that the Waybills covering the product conveyed by the trucks exhibited their complaints as N’djamena, Chad Republic, Central Africa Republic and Cameroon independently.

The catch of the trucks should stem the tide of food shortcoming occasioned by underhanded jokes of sprinters all over the country.

Suspects caught with the trucks are being profiled and would be charged to court when assessments are done up.

Hammed Head,

Media, and Openness

Walk 5, 2024

By Hamsina

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