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The police in Niger State Police Order have captured two suspects for purportedly going about as sources of ruffians and arms vendors.

The police advertising official in the state, Wasiu Abidoun, in an official statement on Friday named the suspects as Waziri Ciroma, 30, from Kwamba Maji, Suleja, and Salisu Abdullahi, 40, from Chanchaga, Minna.

Mr. Abidoun said the suspects were captured by the agents of the police Break Crew and SIB, given specialized knowledge.

He said the endeavors were a consequence of the examination of an as of late captured thought famous hijacker, Ibrahim Maisaji (otherwise known as Jayi), who was purportedly arranging with others to lay out a lawbreaker camp around Maje Suleja.

As per Mr Abiodun, his admission prompted the capture of the suspects, adding that Mr. Ciroma, during the examination, admitted that he had a place with the Jayi posse and that he took Jayi to his neighbor’s home in Kwamba, where a female casualty was seized during a naming service last year and a payment of N4 million gathered, adding that his portion of the total was N50,000 as it were.

He additionally called attention to the fact that he shared about N30,000 from one more hijacking activity in which N3 million was gathered from the people in question.

In the meantime, the two suspects, as per the public statement, would be charged in court when examinations concerning their case were closed.

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