Breaking News: CDS says officials’ commitments to country’s vote-based system, solidarity won’t be to no end

The Head of Guard Staff, Christopher Musa, says the commitments of serving and resigning officials and men as well as the people who passed on throughout protecting the country’s majority rule system and public solidarity wouldn’t be to no end.

He likewise guaranteed that the military would keep on appealing to God for the fast recuperation of the people who experienced one type of injury or the other while safeguarding the country’s opportunity and battling against the revolt in the country.

Mr. Musa, a general, expressed this in a generous message on the event of the 2024 Military Festival and Recognition Day.

The festival will come up on January 15.

“On this exceptional event, let me likewise honor and recognize the tremendous commitments of our chivalrous officials and men both serving and resigned. Your sacrificial devotion to support in safeguarding our country’s opportunity and security has brought about the overall harmony that we appreciate today. I guarantee you of my unremitting help as you keep on maintaining our upsides of regard for law and order, amazing skill, faithfulness to comprised power, discipline, benevolent assistance, and boldness.

“For the individuals who have experienced one type of injury or different, we value you and we will keep on petitioning God for your fast recuperation. Also, for the individuals who have passed on, we thank you for your incredible penances. Continuously recall that every one of your endeavors and unfaltering commitment with regards to our majority rules government and public solidarity under our established jobs won’t ever be to no end,” Mr Musa said in the message posted on the X (previously Twitter) of the Safeguard Central command (DHQ).

While congratulating the individuals from the military, Mr. Musa said the recognition day is held every year to celebrate the unfaltering responsibility and bravery exhibited by the helpers in different military tasks.

That’s what he added: “The day holds an extraordinary importance as it gives us the valuable chance to ponder the penances, courage, and responsibility of our fallen legends in guarding the regional uprightness of our nation,” adding, “We recollect and honor them for their penances today, however consistently as they gave ‘their today’ for ‘our tomorrow.”

The Albums charged individuals from the military to guarantee their complete obligation to battle any security danger in the country.

“Moreover, as we consider the additions accomplished up to this point, I charge you to stay steadfast in overcoming all types of safety dangers to guarantee to get through harmony and security in each space of our dear country.

“On my part, I will keep on focusing on your government assistance while controlling the undertakings of the military under my authority reasoning which is ‘to support an expert military of Nigeria that is individuals driven, fit for meeting its protected liabilities in a joint and cooperative climate.

“I accordingly encourage you to keep on leftover careful and solid in the release of your protected liabilities,” he said.

Mr Musa likewise offered thanks to President Bola Tinubu, for his help for the military, guaranteeing him the reliability and responsibility of the military in safeguarding the country’s vote-based values.

“Deserving of note, our significant appreciation goes to His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, President and President of the Military of the Government Republic of Nigeria, for his various and opportune help to the Military of Nigeria. I guarantee Mr Leader of our unalloyed dedication and responsibility in guarding our country’s vote-based values while guaranteeing harmony and attachment in the country,” he said.

Mr. Musa valued the groups of individuals from the military, especially their life partners, for their endless jobs in keeping the home front at whatever point obligation calls.

He added, “Your untold penances because of our drawn-out nonattendance have been significant and useful. This is clear in the subjective results of the people of the Military of Nigeria in their separate areas of public task. While valuing you in such a manner, I entreat you to support your endeavors in guaranteeing that our homes stay serene.”

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