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Mahmood Yakubu, the executive of the Free Public Constituent Commission (INEC), has sworn in nine out of the 10 late delegated Occupant Electing Chiefs (REC), including one uncovered by PREMIUM TIMES to be an ally of Nigeria’s decision party, the APC.

He has additionally conveyed them to various states where they will serve the commission for the following five years. Mr. Yakubu expressed that not a single one of them would be sent to their conditions of beginning.

The nine RECs made their vow of office not long from now before the quarterly gathering of RECs in Abuja on Tuesday.

Mr. Yakubu declared their condition of sending soon after they made the vow of office in Abuja on Tuesday.

INEC sent Abubakar Ahmed to Borno State, Anugbum Onuoha (Edo), Isah Ehimeakhe (Akwa Ibom), Aminu Idris (Kaduna), and Shehu Wahab (Nasarawa).

Others are Abubakar Dambo (Kebbi), Mohammed Abubakar (Kwara), Oluwatoyin Babalola (Ondo), and Olubunmi Omoseyindemi (Ekiti).

Etekmba Umoren, the REC candidate from Akwa Ibom State, was not sworn in.

Mr. Yakubu said he would be confirmed one month from now when the residency of the REC addressing Akwa Ibom State lapses.

“The tenth REC assignment will be confirmed one month from now on the expiry of the residency of the REC addressing Akwa Ibom State as of now sent to Delta State,” he said.

He praised the Delta State REC, Monday Udo-Tom, for “magnanimous and die-hard commitment delivered to the commission and the country.”

He added that a similar appreciation is reached out to the wide range of various RECs whose residency finished after serving commendably.

Introductory and ensuing disarray

In October, President Bola Tinubu selected 10 people for the public gathering for affirmation as RECs.

The rundown was changed on different occasions, befuddling spectators.

The last rundown, as indicated by the president’s representative, Ajuri Ngelale, contained the accompanying people and conditions of the beginning: Etekamba Umoren (Akwa Ibom), Isah Ehimeakne (Edo), Oluwatoyin Babalola (Ekiti), Abubakar Ma’aji (Gombe), Shehu Wahab (Kwara), Bunmi Omoseyindemi (Lagos), and Aminu Idris (Nasarawa).

Others are Mohammed Yelwa (Niger), Anugbum Onuoha (Waterways), Isma’ila Moyi, and Zamfara.

Nonetheless, when the Senate began screening the chosen people, two names from Niger and Zamfara seemed to have been supplanted.

The Senate affirmed Mohammed Abubakar and Abubakar Dambo even though up until this second, the names of Messrs Moyi and Yelwa stayed on the refreshed rundown on the public authority’s virtual entertainment handles.

The upper chamber did the affirmation despite fights from some respectful society associations.

Sectarian candidates

Press Hub found two of them – Mr. Umoren and Mr. Ehimeakne — to be individuals from Mr. Tinubu’s ideological group, the All Reformists Congress (APC). Mr Ehimeakne will presently lead INEC’s activities in Akwa Ibom, the home territory of Senate President Godswill Akpabio who is accepted to have designated Mr Umoren. Mr Umoren may be sent to a state after he is confirmed.

Two more were viewed as followers of lawmakers in his administration.

In the interim, four of the RECs are previous staff members of the commission.

This is a sacrosanct obligation’ with no real reasons’

Tending to the new RECs, Mr. Yakubu portrayed their new jobs as a consecrated obligation and said no reasons would be acknowledged for inferior execution.

He said the commission wouldn’t hold back from managing any REC viewed as needed, adding that they would be considered responsible for their activities and inactions.

He said, “You should continuously be extremely firm in guaranteeing reasonableness and straightforwardness to all. Allow me to make it clear to you from the very start that you should consistently be directed by the electing, lawful system, the general set of principles for RECs, and your clean conscience.

“Essentially, I should caution you to comprehend and work inside the restrictions of your appointed powers and obligations. Our state workplaces are an integral part of the commission, and we won’t hold back to manage demonstrations of insubordination, carelessness, or offense concerning any REC.”

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