by Hammed Hammed from Osun state

Kwasi Prempeh, a lawful researcher and administration master, is the Leader Overseer of the Middle for Vote-Based Advancement in Ghana (CDD-Ghana).

The teacher of regulation is the Task Chief, West Africa A majority rule government fortitude (WADEMOS) Organization, a non-hardliner, free alliance of north of 30 favorable to a vote-based system Common Society Associations (CSOs) situated in 15 nations in West Africa.

The organization, which was framed last year, had its 2023 Yearly Meeting somewhere in the range of 29 and 30 November in Accra, Ghana. The occasion had the subject: ‘Enhancing CSO Reactions to Majority Rule Downturn in West Africa.”

Mr. Prempeh talked with Ade Adesomoju, uninvolved in the WADEMOS meeting, on the issues of the requirement for all West African nations to embrace service time boundaries for their chiefs as well as on overthrows and precariousness in the district, which were among the effective issues hurled for consultation during the occasion.

There should be an interaction for residents to be prepared through common society and different roads to get something onto the plan for the heads of state. We don’t have that. It’s practically similar to a closed entryway. You don’t know the plan. You don’t have the foggiest idea of how to get into it.

And that might have been how they began. Be that as it may, ECOWAS should have changed, be available to democratize better, and draw in with common society. Check it out at the ECOWAS Parliament.

Right now, we choose our parliamentarians, and they need to get to Parliament in Abuja, Accra, or Abidjan. Then, at that point, they pick someone to go to the ECOWAS Parliament. In this way, individuals don’t realize they are choosing anyone to go to Parliament; when they are casting a ballot, they don’t have a clue about that.

Sooner or later, ECOWAS should have a plan that says, for example, by 2040, 2050, or 2060, we will have a framework where when individuals are casting a ballot in Ghana, we will assign specific seats or electorates as ECOWAS seats and individuals will cast a ballot, particularly for those individuals, and they will have your vote in favor of them as a free possibility to go to the ECOWAS parliament.

In this way, progressively, we are democratizing the ECOWAS parliament, and I think we must have the option to get issues on the plan. There should be a manner by which, inside ECOWAS, common society can lock in.

We will, in any case, meet in Abuja one week from now. We will be in Abuja and have a mission. WADEMOS is having a mission around the service time restraint. We don’t believe the heads of state should feel that the service time restraint is gone, because an overthrow is presently what’s going on with everyone talking about how to forestall an upset.

Yet, the overthrows have a source and cause. In a portion of the nations, not every one of them, service time is one of the issues. In this way, we want to remain on track and continue to push the service time restraint. We want to tackle the service time restraint.

By Hamsina

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