By Hammed Hammed, From Osun

A few occupants of ‘Kurnar Asabe’ in Kano city are organizing dissent over the supposed killing of their local area by the police on Tuesday night.

Witnesses let PREMIUM TIMES know that the police showed up to suppress a battle between two opponent road gatherings (Yan Daba).

At the point when the police showed up, they began shooting to scatter the group, and one Salisu Player was shot and killed, inhabitants said.

“The police showed up at the scene to keep up with the rule of law and they began shooting, which brought about the killing of Mr. Player, who was not among the fighting gatherings,” an observer who asked not to be named for well-being reasons guaranteed.

The source said the scuffle compounded following the passing of Mr Player.

The source added that the underlying battle was brought about by a conflict over a young lady.

“The conflict was because of a conflict over a young lady who has admirers from both opponent gatherings. The battling began on Monday and went on till late Tuesday,” the source added.

The police representative in the state, Haruna Kiyawa, couldn’t be reached to remark on the advancement as his realized telephone contact didn’t associate Wednesday morning.

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