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The Government Service of Ladies Issues has gotten N210 million from the American College of Nigeria in Adamawa State for the groups of the Chibok young ladies.

On 14 April 2014, the Islamist bunch, Boko Haram snatched 276 young ladies from Government Auxiliary School, Chibok.

The snatched young ladies, a significant number of whom have been delivered, are alluded to as Chibok young ladies by the media.

Chibok is a local area in Borno State, The representative of the service, Ohaeri Joseph, in a proclamation, said the signal is essential for its economic strengthening drive for Nigerian ladies.

Mr Joseph expressed this following a visit to the Government Service of Ladies Undertakings, by the President/Bad habit Chancellor of the college, Dewayne Frazier.

“We have been glad to work explicitly with the Service on the Chibok project. It is a venture I take by and by in light of the fact that being on the grounds and working with the Service and the young ladies has been a gift to me.

“I talked with the Pastor on the Chibok project however we actually need to figure out how to empower and engage the Chibok people group in Borno State and permit them to carry on with an economical life,” Mr Joseph cited the bad habit chancellor saying in the explanation.

“We have around 17 to 18 million Nigerians who are confronting food challenges; we will battle this head-on. We will contribute 50% of the grant to the Chibok people group, the best assets of this nation are individuals and I need to be essential for answers for the future,” Mrs Frazier added.

In her comment, the Clergyman of Ladies Issues, Uju Ohanenye, expressed that she visited the Chibok people group in Adamawa State where 79 young ladies endured the fourteenth April 2014 snatching from the Public Authority Auxiliary School, Chibok.

“During my visit, I saw that the local area required our help and asked the President/Bad habit Chancellor of the American College to help the Service toward this path and he energetically consented to reserve 50% of the grant store for manageable strengthening for the relatives of the young ladies domiciled in Chibok, Borno State.

“The cash won’t be given to the Service however the American College will obtain the things straightforwardly from the organizations and provide for the local area which incorporates 20 bits of Rice processing machines, and 10 units of Cassava processing machines.

“Others are 10 units of Fish barbecuing machines, 5 units of Rice bundling machines, a unit of crushing machine, 30 units of sewing machines, 30 bits of Scissors, 20 units of marked Tricycles, and 10 units of Sunlight Water Siphoning machines to improve water system process for Rice cultivating,” the clergyman said.

The pastor said the help will support rural creation that will ultimately put more food on the tables of additional Nigerians in accordance with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s approach push on food security

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