By hammed from Osun
The Police Order in Kano State on Monday alarmed general society with plans by those they guarantee are allies of anonymous ideological groups to cause savagery in the state.
As per the order’s representative, Abdullahi Kiyawa, the gatherings intend to riot to fight the Allure Court’s decision on the governorship political race in the state.
He, in any case, said that the order had gone to fitting security lengths to forestall a heightening of pressures that might prompt a breakdown of the rule of law.
“It is on this note that the police order gives this admonition to occupants of the state to be extra cautious as whoever means to lead any dissent or parade ought to do as such as per the arrangements of the law,” Mr Kiyawa said.
He said that the Magistrate of Police, Usaini Gumel, has encouraged occupants to be quiet and stay away from any type of unlawful get-together, dissent, or parade that might set off viciousness.
The representative said joint security groups have been sent to vital areas to shield harmony and request all through the state.
“Whoever endeavors to upset the harmony in the state will be captured and made to confront the fury of the law,” he added and asked occupants to report any dubious development, people, or things to security specialists for brief reaction.
After the Allure Court judgment that terminated the occupant legislative leader of the state, Abba Yusuf, of the New Nigerian People Groups Party (NNPP) and requested that the applicant of the All Reformists Congress (APC) Nasiru Gawuna be pronounced the victor of the 18 Walk political race.
Mr. Yusuf, be that as it may, said he planned to pursue the judgment of the Allure Court at the High Court.

By Hamsina

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