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He had expected a tranquil dissent, one where the Nigerian government would address the worries of police severity.

In any case, he was right there, at Lekki Tollbooth in Lagos, avoiding disasters as the Nigerian armed force terminated live adjusts for unarmed dissenters during the #ENDSARS exhibits.

“We stayed there with the Nigerian banner, recounting the public hymn. Around 6 p.m., the lights at the tollbooth went dim.
At first, the military discharged shots up high, however at that point they started pointing straightforwardly at us,” related Mr. Moses.

On the evening of October 20, 2020, Mr. Moses, a Lagos-based craftsman, joined the #ENDSARS fights close by many youthful Nigerians. 

The development had flooded in light of payoff, coercion, badgering, and extrajudicial killings by the Nigerian police—especially by the famous, presently disbanded unit, the Unique Enemy of Burglary Crew (SARS).

What he hadn’t expected was the furious obstruction they’d confront. He and various different Nigerians experienced merciless power from security specialists. At the Lagos tollbooth, fighters killed a few dissidents and impeded well-being experts from taking care of the injured.

“It was unnerving. Some were shot dead, others harmed. I needed to quickly make tracks. At the point when the individual before me fell, I moved over him. I needed to pick between falling and biting the dust or making tracks,” Kayode reviewed.

His experience and those of numerous others impacted by police ruthlessness and the #ENDSARS fights of 2020 are the focal point of the recently delivered narrative, ‘October 2020.”

 Made by the Tiger Eye Establishment, a media not-for-profit supporting insightful reporting in Africa, the narrative narratives of the occasions and repercussions of the 2020 #ENDSARS fights.

It catches the development’s influence on Nigeria and the more extensive world three years after the fact, and elements activists, specialists, and youthful dissenters like Mr Moses, all contacted by police fierceness and the #ENDSARS development.

In a joint effort with associations and news sources, for example, PREMIUM TIMES, the Tiger Eye Establishment tries to catch history with ‘October 2020,’ as well as guarantee that the illustrations from the #ENDSARS development make ready for a more confident future for Nigeria

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