The Lagos State High Court has condemned Drambi Vandi, who lethally shot Bolanle Raheem, a Lagos-based legal counselor, to death by hanging.

The appointed authority, Ibironke Harrison, on Monday, viewed the cop as blameworthy of homicide.
“The court viewed the respondent to be unquestionably liable on one count of homicide. You will be draped by the neck till you are dead,”

Press Hub Media Agency detailed how Drambi Vandi purportedly killed Mrs. Raheem, a hopeful mother, on Christmas Day in 2022 at the Ajah indirect in Lagos.

The cop is appended to the Ajiwe Police Division in the Ajah region of the state. He was suspended two days after the occurrence.

The state government had favored one count of the homicide of the legal counselor against the respondent and consequently charged him.

Since the court preliminary began in January, the departed’s better half, sister, police armorer, pathologist, and seven others have affirmed against the respondent.

The indictment offered 27 shows.
Mr. Vandi was the main observer who affirmed his own guard.

In his declaration under the steady gaze of the court, Vandi told the judge that the projectile introduced in court, which was said to have killed the departed, didn’t come from the rifle he carried upon the arrival of the occurrence.

He additionally guaranteed that he had never seen the projectile until it was offered in court.

By Hamsina

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